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The central courtyard resembles a village courtyard. It is divided in to different levels corresponding to different functions, therefore segregated but visually connected. In this way, artists of various fields present at different levels of the courtyard get exposed to each other's artistic endeavor.
entrance and courtyard.jpg
View towards the entrance of Bengal Arts Complex
Bengal Arts Complex, Dhaka

Cultural Hub Design

Bengal Arts Complex is a cultural hub  to encourage arts practice and to provide venue for facilities such as theater, gallery, musical performance, workshop, education etc.

The project brief is based on a proposal by Bengal Foundation to create a cultural hub or arts complex for Bangladeshi people in Dhaka, Bangladesh in a secluded area amidst greenery. The main aim for this institution is to promote Bengali culture.

As a designer my aim was to facilitate the creation of an environment responsive to art and local artistic traditions. Therefore, the main concept of the design was to resemble a culturally vibrant village courtyard.


An existing tree acted as an inspiration for the design. Traditionally, local musicians practice music under the shade of big trees and audience gather around to watch the performances. Thus I designed an open performance area surrounding the tree.

Functions such as auditorium, gallery, museum, multi-purpose hall, cafe, library, workshop and artist living area have been placed surrounding the central courtyard. Most functions are raised to upper levels  to allow visual connection with the surrounding greenery from the courtyard.

Open performance area is designed surrounding an existing tree to resemble local artistic traditions
View from open performance area 
ground floor plan.jpg
other floor plans and total view.jpg
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