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man in cave.jpg
As a visitor walks down through the cave like long tunnel, one becomes part of a journey away from the everyday. It is a passage that takes them to some place they have never been. 
It is a passage framed with obscurity, a dark entry of uncertainty, Absorbed in the world of shadows, one would only see a faint light of mystical intensity. The darkness all around makes one more sensitive to light, making the trickle of light more significant.
in hope.jpg
Trickle of Light in Darkness

Storytelling Through Architecture

In the notion of utopia, we imagine such an environment - sparkling and full of light, but such notion is a delusion. It fails to address the darker, more unpredictable reality - one of imperfections, transitions and moments of enlightenment, an existence constantly becoming. Architecture can frame this side of existence.

These photo montages are part of a series that embodies an abstract idea of a building, where the spaces are composed through its use of material and the play of light and dark. Tactility of the surfaces are highlighted through chiaroscuro. It is a modeled cave like path of circulation with controlled perspectives. It is a passage that leads to destination but also allows meandering and exploration. The passage is composed of varying rhythm. At certain intervals it consists of moments of pause and contemplation at others, there are sudden transitions and breakthroughs. There are melodies of passing light and space. Moments of mounting and depleting energy.

This series of work has been created through intuitive physical model making. 

The lighting effect has been created by reflecting the light in specific ways on surfaces of the model.

It is a dark solitary passage with moments of pause and contemplation
tricle of light girl.jpg
" Envisage a self that can in certain situations observe itself in the very act of confronting a fearful inner abyss and attain a certain dark grandeur" 


Moments of journey is marked by ritardando caused bey light entering from above. It causes stagnation and overwhelming silence, marks moments of enlightenment.
Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation (1819), vol.III; trans. Jill Berman ( London: Everyman, 1995), quoted in Simon Morley, The Sublime
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