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Curiosity Cabinet


Curiosity Cabinet

Intellectual Autobiography

This box embodies my intellectual autobiography. The story that I am developing, the story that will, in time find its expression.

The Cabinet consists of a canvas and a life map that pinpoints the countries I have been and hence, depicts my journey across the globe throughout my life and the cultural exposures I received. It also consists of small cubes which I call, pixels of curiosity.

Pixels of curiosity, contains images of buildings, architects, art, artists, light installations, poems, poets, quotes, musicians and books - that intrigues me.

The pixels will grow exponentially and it will keep on communicating the issues that matter to me. To look closely in to each of these pixels, one must use the magnifier attached to the box.

Components of the Curiosity Cabinet - Life map, Magnifier and Pixels of Curiosity


Pixels of Curiosity Through the magnifier

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